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Welcome to the FightSong Store, here we have all of our engagement materials and programs for students and staff available for purchase.


These artist designed posters depict authentic student experiences that empower individuals to stand up for one another and self advocate through the FightSong! app. Colorful and uplifting, the Artist Posters are effective at captivating students, and starting conversations about the topics presented.

FS! Merch

FightSong! Merchandise is for students and staff to spread the message of self-advocacy and support that we love to promote. Our sayings, “Change the Culture” and “Take Back Your Life” are powerful and pertain to many peoples lives in different ways. Teaching us that everyone can be their our own type of hero in everyday life.

The stickers we offer in Merch


Staci the Co-Founder of FightSong! knows how important student buy-in is. When an organization purchases FightSong! we love to assist with the roll out and offer an assembly, explaining the key points of FightSong! and the difference between being an advocate and a snitch. Also we offer training and presentations for your staff and partners if you are Interested!

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