Student Assembly

Presentation for Student Roll out Assemblies. Staci covers introducing FightSong! to students, along with how to effectively reach out and advocate for their, or others, mental-health and safety. Length is adjustable to fit your organizations alotments

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Self-Advocacy VS. Being A Snitch

Presenter: Staci Smith
Length: 30 or 60 min.

My experiences are with both emerging mental health issues and a toxic friend group. They created who I am today and gave me a much deeper understanding of the issues students are facing today. I want to talk about how to adjust your mindset slightly to feel comfortable advocating for yourself and others without fears of being considered a snitch. FightSong! Is a different kind of program than most out there, during this presentation I will show students how FightSong! allows them to talk about their circumstances without fear of retribution, will getting help to those who need the support.

Learning Objective #1
FightSong! promotes open communication and a transparent process to build trust and support between students and school staff. We help students overcome fears of being a snitch, and help them be advocates for their own safety and mental health.

Learning Objective #2
Using FightSong! to Effectively Communicate with School Counselors

Learning Objective #3
Introduce the FightSong! Heroes and the real life people they are based off of, and interviews that highlight how they overcame adversity and bullying.

Special Notes
PowerPoint and Speech with FS! goodies handouts at the conclusion.

What is new and unique about this workshop?
Promoting a new message to students about self-advocacy and how to handle bullying and harassment in their schools without relying on administration to just “fix” the problem.